Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dave's Yes/No Movie Review: The Protector


Fancy Thoughts about Writin'

...and how I don't have any at the moment.

Funny thing how having to work on different phases of three "actual" projects dries up any fancy thinkin' I might have about writing, writers and the whole catastrophe.

It's nose to the grindstone time and I'm just trusting whatever "stuff" I have will just kick in without thinking about it. It's really important to avoid the centipede syndrome* now. My boss almost accidentally put a voodoo jinx on me this afternoon. We were sending notes back and forth about these outlines that were about to go to draft and she mentioned something about her process... and I said something about mine--- just before I was about to start writing my draft!

Bad Idea.

Usually going from outline to draft is a breeze for me... the draft is never particularly pretty but it's down there. And once it's down I figure I can make it beautiful any time I like.

I stared at my laptop for a half an hour.

Then a voice, that sounded eerily like my father said: "Okay Balzac, quit your screwing around." And I got to work.

*you know, where the guy asks the centipede: "How do manage to walk without tripping yourself up?" I'm not going to explain any further. Plus I think the whole thing was on a Facts of Life episode or something.