Friday, February 09, 2007

Robson Arms: New Web site is up!

The new and improved Robson Arms website is up.

And not a moment too soon!

What wonders await you? How 'bout special "webisodes", podcasts, behind the scenes stuff, and character blogs and such.

Also: E-Talk watch! Show-runner Susin Nielsen interviewed last night.

Robson Arms Marketing Watch 2007 Part IV: Be Careful what you wish for.

John Doyle's review of the first three episodes of RAII in the Globe and Mail today.

It was thrilling to be singled out again. Although Mr. Doyle, whose opinion I greatly respect, wasn't nearly as enthusiastic about my work this time... "what happens is just slapstick."

Damn... It the "just" that kills me. I thought it was Totally Slapstick!

Seriously though. I think that most writers, for all our bluster and complaints about people meddling with our stuff, are our own toughest critics. And there's nothing (good or bad) that someone else is gonna say that hasn't crossed my mind already. You do your best, learn from your experience and hope for the best. I can promise you this: I honestly think there's gonna be laugh out loud moments in it... and there are gonna be some really sweet moments too... Alisen and Fred (that's right I'm name-dropping the "A"-bomb and the "F"-bomb*) are kickasso in this episode and if there are any shortcomings in the ep. I'll be happy to take responsibility for them because I'm still laughing at my own joke a year later... Ah writers: Our arms never tire patting our own backs, nor our voices hoarsen singing our own praises.

Of course, that'll have to wait until next week. Tomorrow night, that's Saturday folks, 9pm, it's Episode One: Ordinary Assholes guest starring Leslie Nielsen. I'll go on the record right now that he gonna get a Gemini nomination for his performance.

See what you've done, John, I'm getting all feisty! I'm even more excited to hear what people think.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Robson Arms Marketing Watch 2007 Part III: Two more sleeps

From Diane's TV, eh? website (the website if you want to know about what canadian shows are on, or going on air): articles from Vancouver papers and tabloids.

But so far, nothing more than a couple of spots on CTV and the Comedy network-- is Vicki Gabereau still on? Is there someplace I haven't been looking?

Some good posts on Dix's and Denis' blogs about the truth about writing for television. Basically: you write and it's everybody else's job to mess with it. And the kicker... your stuff is better for it. Amen.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Robson Arms Marketing Watch 2007 Part III: Doing my bit

Well at least CBC is doing something to give Robson Arms some publicity. Matt Rainnie interviewed me today for CBC Radio's Mainstreet program here on PEI. It'll air this afternoon around 4:40pm Atlantic time.

In other RAMW news: somebody saw a commercial on CSI the other night... and American Idol! Ratio to Corner Gas spots holds around 30:1. The forum on the CTV website has picked up. But the new Robson Arms site still isn't up yet.