Friday, June 13, 2008

Feeding the Writer in Banff!... Dave's Yes/No Restaurant Review

Chicken Wings at the St. James Gate: Yes!
Chicken Wings at the Rundle Lounge of the Banff Springs Hotel: No!

Delegate Breakfast: No... (I had to wrestle a fellow delegate for half a bagel!)

Breakfast at McDonald's: No... the labour shortage is so bad in Banff you'll arrive at 10am for your Egg McMuffin, finally get to the front counter at 11am only to be told they've stopped serving breakfast. Grrrrrrrrrr. Daddy needs his Bacon and Egg Bagel!

Chicken Souvlaki at El Toro: Yes!... A delicious meal with the fantastic folks from Omnifilm! Don't let the schizo menu and cafeteria style furniture fool you. The food (mostly Greek with a little French and Spanish??? thrown in) was delicious.

The Maple Leaf Grill: Yes! The best restaurant of the trip. I dined on Steak upstairs with the great poeple from Ocean Entertainment, while, downstairs, Omnifilm wined and dined broadcasters at their No Pitch Dinner. Classy!

The Elk and Oarsmen: Nookay. (although I had an awesome evening with all the people from the showrunner program and plus I got to sit next to Christine Shipton for the first two courses!) the bison steak was fine but the desserts (of which I sampled plenty) and the appetizers (of which I had one, an endive salad) tasted like they were prepared a few days earlier.

Raisin Bran from the Husky Gas Station across the street: No. But that was only because the best before date had long since passed. Which is more than I can say for my.... never mind.

Geeks gets nom!... maybe.

I'm pleased to say that I think my episode "Geeks In Love" (RA303) was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award.

I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't really aware that there was such a thing.

What's worse when I got an email from my pal, Daegan, congratulating me, I googled it and couldn't even find it. When I found it listed in Wikipedia my family withdrew their congrats until I found a second source.

I'm sorry to say I haven't found one yet... not even on CTV's own press release that highlights other shows on its network that were nominated.

So... uhm... ahem... everyone just... you know, carry on with whatever.