Friday, November 03, 2006

Looking for Intelligence

After trying-- and failing-- to find Intelligence on CBC this past week, I decided to poke around Bit Torrentland to see if I could find it.

No Luck. Except...

I stumbled across it here. Only the first two episodes but it's a chance to catch up if you've missed it so far.

Sidebar: Is Guba a place that everyone has heard about but me?

Edit: According to the Intelligence website the show airs Tuesdays at 9pm and repeats at Midnight and 11pm Friday. Apparently I tuned in on the wrong night... heh. What a dope.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cell Phone Travel Question

I've got a question maybe somebody can help me with.

When I was travelling recently I put my fully charged cell phone in my bag up in the overhead bin and when I landed (about 8 hours later) it was drained.

This happened again on the return flight.

Again, both times, fully charged. I've had no trouble with battery power otherwise. In day to day usage it's great.

Was it too cold up there in the bin, is there some kind of crazy battery draining thing doing on or what?

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feeding the Writer II

It's great to be back home after my whirlpool trip to Vancouver for the screening.
For all you bi-coastal travellers my advice: Commit to the change in time zone! Don't constantly calculate what time is "really" is. Your body will thank you.

Restaurantlly there were three highlights on this four day trip:

Tropicana: a Thai restaurant where I rediscovered the deliciousness of Sambal Bunchies. It's a dish of shrimp and green beans that is crazy good.

Shanghai Chinese Bistro: (on Alberni) A return for General Tsao's Chicken and sautéed snow pea shoots. Ka-yumbo.

Speaking of Yumbo, Ouisi's Bistro: (Granville and 16th) My first time here where they specialize in New Orleans cuisine. Although my pepper-encrusted chicken on beans and spanish rice was fantastic the House Sample Plate: Jerk Chicken, Gator Bites, and Louisiana Crab Cakes was the highlight.