Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cell Phone Travel Question

I've got a question maybe somebody can help me with.

When I was travelling recently I put my fully charged cell phone in my bag up in the overhead bin and when I landed (about 8 hours later) it was drained.

This happened again on the return flight.

Again, both times, fully charged. I've had no trouble with battery power otherwise. In day to day usage it's great.

Was it too cold up there in the bin, is there some kind of crazy battery draining thing doing on or what?


Anonymous said...

Cell phones try to connect to the nearest tower when they are on. When you're flying, the nearest tower changes pretty frequently, and the phone needs to send and receive more signals to connect to the nearest tower. This also means that, even if you were allowed to use your phone in a plane, it probably wouldn't consistently work. Airlines in the States are considering putting mini cell phone towers in airplanes so that passengers can use their phones on planes.

Callaghan said...

Also, when a cell phone is in analogue mode, it uses up battery power much faster.

Whenever I go visit my parents in the country, my cell switches to analogue and sucks back the juice about 5 times faster than when it's in regular digital mode.