Sunday, October 29, 2006

Feeding the Writer II

It's great to be back home after my whirlpool trip to Vancouver for the screening.
For all you bi-coastal travellers my advice: Commit to the change in time zone! Don't constantly calculate what time is "really" is. Your body will thank you.

Restaurantlly there were three highlights on this four day trip:

Tropicana: a Thai restaurant where I rediscovered the deliciousness of Sambal Bunchies. It's a dish of shrimp and green beans that is crazy good.

Shanghai Chinese Bistro: (on Alberni) A return for General Tsao's Chicken and sautéed snow pea shoots. Ka-yumbo.

Speaking of Yumbo, Ouisi's Bistro: (Granville and 16th) My first time here where they specialize in New Orleans cuisine. Although my pepper-encrusted chicken on beans and spanish rice was fantastic the House Sample Plate: Jerk Chicken, Gator Bites, and Louisiana Crab Cakes was the highlight.

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