Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why John Doyle doesn't scare me: A review of Robson Arms s02e02 by Dave's Mom and sister Heidi

So I called up Mom after my episode aired to ask if she and Dad enjoyed it. (She wasn't thrilled with some of the strong language in my first season one episode-- especially after she phoned all the relatives to tell them to watch it: "You shoulda warned me!") Her evaluation: "It was okay. But I liked last week's one with Leslie Neilsen better." Okay fine.

So I call up sister Heidi: "I laughed like twice... it wasn't great."

I'm not saying you need this kind of family if you're gonna be able to take notes like a pro, but it helps.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Robson Arms: Podcast with Alisen Down

Fans of Alisen Down will be happy to hear my interview with her on the Robson Arms website. They'll be unhappy to have to listen to me flapping my lips for the first couple of minutes, but stick with it, eventually I let Alisen get a word in edge-wise.