Saturday, February 17, 2007

Why John Doyle doesn't scare me: A review of Robson Arms s02e02 by Dave's Mom and sister Heidi

So I called up Mom after my episode aired to ask if she and Dad enjoyed it. (She wasn't thrilled with some of the strong language in my first season one episode-- especially after she phoned all the relatives to tell them to watch it: "You shoulda warned me!") Her evaluation: "It was okay. But I liked last week's one with Leslie Neilsen better." Okay fine.

So I call up sister Heidi: "I laughed like twice... it wasn't great."

I'm not saying you need this kind of family if you're gonna be able to take notes like a pro, but it helps.


featsofclay said...

Hey Dave - Clean out your ears (maybe it was the phone line)...I said I laughed out loud twice...that's not bad is it? No it wasn't "great". I also have high expectations because I know what you can and do write.
Now, back to my umpteenth viewing of "New Tricks" on PBS

gdott said...

Wow, you grew up in a tough room there Mose.

Maybe we've just got our own inside joke going on here. I thought it was hysterical.

But I'm easily amused of course.


DMc said...

Well, I laughed my bum off. Very funny physical stuff, and Patrick McKenna screaming "You are going to be OK!" was special. Really special!

It was really enjoyable.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

My family's like that too, Dave. I call them "quietly supportive" because, while they're not out there on the lawn with the pom-poms, cheering on my every move toward international stardom, they care enough to email me when they hear about something good happening in my life/career to say "That's nice."

I loved your episode. Laughed so many times, I lost count. I thought it was a near flawless piece of work, beautifully executed by Alisen and Fred.


Dave said...

Well, that's great to hear.

I still laughed at the Hal/Sault scene, the chase scene, and the quit/fired scene... I dunno. I was also reminded, from someone who watched, that I lifted the "One Nice Thing" bit from an actual PD session that a friend attended here on the Island.

But if you liked this week's you're gonna LOVE next week's. Susin Nielsen wrote the first Bobbi/Bobby episode of the season. Very funny... and occasionally filthy.

Great performaces, particularly from Gabrielle Miller. Stay tuned.

wcdixon said...