Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sergio Leone's latest Movie Quiz

Rob brought my attention to the new movie quiz from Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule
Here's my answers.

1)What was the last movie you saw, either in a theater or on DVD, and why?

Munich. It was on DVD and I just wanted to see it again. Speilberg has this reputation for being so commercial but geez, he can make amazing shots, not just technical but artistic. Great stuff.

2) Name the cinematographer whose work you most look forward to seeing, and an example of one of his/her finest achievements.
I'm embarrassed to say I'm not aware of many cinematographers other than the obvious ones, and I don't think most of them are still alive...

3) Joe Don Baker or Bo Svenson?
Joe Don Baker.

4) Name a moment from a movie that made you gasp (in horror, surprise, revelation…)

The original When a Stranger Calls.

5) Your favorite movie about the movies.

Quentin Tarrintino's Kill Bill. I swear it's all about making movies.

6) Your Favorite Fritz Lang movie.


7) Describe the first time you ever recognized yourself in a movie.
Johnny Whitaker in The Mystery of Dracula's Castle.

8) Carole Bouquet or Angela Molina?
No idea.

9) Name a movie that redeems the notion of nostalgia as something more than a bankable commodity.

I'm not sure exactly what the question means but I'll say Last Picture Show.

10) Favorite appearance by an athlete in an acting role.
Does Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 count? If so, I'll go with that. If not, I'm drawing a blank. I will not say OJ Simpson.

11) Favorite Hal Ashby movie.
Being There or Harold and Maude... honestly I can't pick.

12) Name the first double feature you’d program for opening night of your own revival theater.

Stars Wars, followed by 2001.

13) What’s the name of your revival theater?
Magic Shadows (gross)... how about Cinema Cinema! (complete with Exclamation point!)

14) Humphrey Bogart or Elliot Gould?
Are you serious? Not even close: Humphrey Bogart.

15) Favorite Robert Stevenson movie.
The Love Bug

16) Describe your favorite moment in a movie that is memorable because of its use of sound.
I'm with Rob MacDonald: The animal sounds in Raging Bull when Jake LaMotta is boxing.

17) Pink Flamingoes-- yes or no?

18) Your favorite movie soundtrack score.
I'm so obvious: Pulp Fiction

19) Fay Wray or Naomi Watts?
Naomi Watts.

20) Is there a movie that would make you question the judgment and/or taste of a film critic, blogger or friend if you found out they were an advocate of it?
Reality Bites.

21) Pick a new category for the Oscars and its first deserving winner.
Best Credit sequence. Saul Bass for lifetime achievement and this year... the guy/gal that did the Casino Royale's credits.

22) Favorite Paul Verhoeven movie.
I can't remember the Fourth Man, so I'll go with Starship Troopers as the greatest ironic film of all time.

23) What is it that you think movies do better than any other art form?
Make money.

24) Peter Ustinov or Albert Finney?
Geez, my heart says Ustinov but my head says Albert Finney.

25) Favorite movie studio logo, as it appears before a theatrical feature.
I like how Warner Brothers allows it's logo to be messed with to reflect the tone of the movie before anyone else... but I also love the Marvel logo.

26) Name the single most important book about the movies for you personally.
Easy Riders Raging Bulls? I dunno.

27) Name the movie that features the best twist ending. (Please note the use of any “spoilers” in your answer.)
Hmmmm. Lemme think about this. "Twist ending" is very specific for me. Some people say:Psycho. But that's not a twist ending for me. The Sixth Sense is the most obvious one.

28) Favorite Francois Truffaut movie.
Farenheit 451.

29) Olivia Hussey or Claire Danes?
Claire Danes.

30) Your most memorable celebrity encounter.
John Hurt (and Marlee Matlin) at the Victoria Playhouse on PEI.

31) When did you first realize that films were directed?
There as a guy in junior high that made movies and my sister helped out on it. It was about a multi-coloured tire travelling around.