Friday, May 13, 2011

HIccups Season II

Great news.

Hiccups Season II will be airing on CTV, on May 30th!
Stay tuned for more details.

One hand log rolls the other...

I feel like George Costanza in the middle of his two colliding worlds.

I'm a television writer... but I have an alter-ego that demands his own website.
I have for a long while used an alias for this guy... but it just got too darned complicated.

So here you go:
if you're looking for Dave Moses, Mind Reader/Thought Plucker/Spoon Bender/Mesmerizing guy... go to his website.

But let's not kid ourselves about who's paying the bills!

And now, instead of letting me just minding my own business, I've got to maintain two websites now, when I barely had to maintain one before just to keep up appearances!


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