Friday, June 13, 2008

Geeks gets nom!... maybe.

I'm pleased to say that I think my episode "Geeks In Love" (RA303) was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award.

I'm embarrassed to say I wasn't really aware that there was such a thing.

What's worse when I got an email from my pal, Daegan, congratulating me, I googled it and couldn't even find it. When I found it listed in Wikipedia my family withdrew their congrats until I found a second source.

I'm sorry to say I haven't found one yet... not even on CTV's own press release that highlights other shows on its network that were nominated.

So... uhm... ahem... everyone just... you know, carry on with whatever.


heidi said...

Congratulations David!! You're officially in the noms at the Comedy Network website - under writing - special or episode

Daegan said...

Worst website ever -- it doesn't say when the award ceremony is or where it is or anything. So from the CTV release, I'm guessing London, Ont. on the 12th of October. Which means you'll be in Ontario before I leave! Yay!!!