Thursday, February 08, 2007

Robson Arms Marketing Watch 2007 Part III: Two more sleeps

From Diane's TV, eh? website (the website if you want to know about what canadian shows are on, or going on air): articles from Vancouver papers and tabloids.

But so far, nothing more than a couple of spots on CTV and the Comedy network-- is Vicki Gabereau still on? Is there someplace I haven't been looking?

Some good posts on Dix's and Denis' blogs about the truth about writing for television. Basically: you write and it's everybody else's job to mess with it. And the kicker... your stuff is better for it. Amen.


Dave said...

as a casual tv viewer, i have to say that ctv's promo for 'robson arms' is almost nonexistant. i am keenly aware of their show 'corner gas', simply by the blitz of tv advertising. why not give 'robson' the same push, especially when its hitting the air waves so soon?!

Diane Kristine said...

Yeah, I don't understand why Robson Arms isn't getting more attention. But at least now it's doing better in the promotion department than The Jane Show on Global. That premiered last night and there were no actual articles that I could find, and only one media release that lumped it in with all of Global's February programming. (I rarely see on-air promos for anything - I'm a bad TV viewer who skips commercials - so have no idea if they promoted it well that way.) Thanks for the link, by the way.

Dave said...

dave -- john doyle has a piece about 'robson arms' in the globe & mail today (fri, feb 9).

Dave said...

yes... doyle's review AND the cover of the Summerside Journal Pioneer Television Guide! A veritable media BLITZ!!!

and for those of you who are interested: doyle's review was totally fair.

except the things he hated we all loved.

i would only argue that 'though he mourns the lost of subtlety on the show i think RAII is, on the whole, a lot more subtle... we're just more obvious about the comedy.

but rest ye, mr. doyle, i think there's plenty of the stuff you loved from last season coming too.