Saturday, June 17, 2006

Thanks all!

First, thanks to the folks from Sketch22 who asked me to lend a hand today. It's always fun to shoot something other than commercials. I think it was our most ambitious Sketch22 short to date. A small part of an entertaining whole.

Also thanks to the many volunteers and passersby of all ages who gave up part of their gorgeous Saturday morning to perform a series of manoevers, each more complicated than the last. Bravo!

The result of your efforts can be seen starting July 6th at the Arts Guild!

Congratulations all.


Rebecca Black said...


I love your Yes/No movie reviews! They're especially helpful to moms like me who haven't seen anything lately other than "Cars" and "Over The Hedge". (Yes. Yes. Without the kids along.) Back to Vancouver again, huh? Oh, how I yearn for the successful, well-travelled life of a writer. But I must be content with my current vacation in Ontario, posting messages on blogs and visiting with relatives who are a constant reminder of why I moved to P.E.I. in the first place! Happy travels!


Rob MacD said...

And thanks to you for making what could easily have been a confusing, troublesome, error-and-anger filled morning into something that was fun and fast and pleasant and smooth.

Dave said...

thanks rebecca. and rob, I can't wait to see some of that footage, I think it's going to be a great kick off to the show.