Monday, July 31, 2006

BSG Season Three Update

I don't know how many among you are BattleStar Galactica fans, I only know you all should be!

BSG re-imaginer Ronald D. Moore (writer: Star Trek TNG, and creator: Carnivale) has updated his series blog, with many hints about the upcoming season.

A PEI connection: Our very own Lauren Walker is rumoured to be working in the costume department.

And with one post Dwight Schrute brings all my favorite worlds together.


Hamish MacDonald said...

Ohhh! I didn't know that the Carnivale guy was behind this. That just makes me like it more. (I liked Carnivale a lot, even though I find "crazy preacher" themes tired and foreign.)

At first, Battlestar Galactica annoyed me, with the @#%$ing handheld jerky camera shots and the constant testosterone-fuelled ego-matches between the characters. But as it settled in, it became that most rare of things: science fiction populated by human beings.

Yes, the effects are cool (especially the acknowledgement that physics in space are different, so fighter ships can make funky, not-plane-like moves), but what I find most encouraging is that this show proves that writing is what makes you excited in science fiction, what makes you give a shit about what happens.

underwire said...

And there was only one time in two seasons when I was pulled outside of the story because of some local flavour. One of the landing bays was shot on the car deck of a BC Ferry. But that's it. Otherwise, the world is its own.