Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pre-pre-pre Production

My brain is squeezed.

Today we had our first meeting about possible story lines for the possible third season of Robson Arms. It's funny how something so indefinite can begin to take shape with such determination. Maybe it's just where my head is at right now, but it feels like that it's an entity that exists, somehow, independent of the six of us in the room... And it wants to live!

I have no idea how my brain will refill itself by tomorrow. My hope is that tea, mindless television and a good night's sleep will do the trick.


wcdixon said...

Ahhh ...you're describing the most exciting time in series production - when anything and everything is possible yet it isn't, and all has to be shaped and sorted and made produceable...oh yeah, and good. Enjoy.

What your opin on the whole MySpace thingee?


Diane Kristine said...

Any word on when the second season is set to air? I'm thinking I gotta get ready to harrass someone for an interview before that happens ...

Dave said...

It's true it's a very exciting time. So many things are possible and there's a real desire to surpass and surprise yourself.

To answer your question, Diane, I'm not sure when season two is airing. We're assuming it'll be a mid-season replacement... so mid-to-late January 2007? I just saw cuts of several episodes and I'm pretty excited. I think people who liked the show people are going to like it even more. And that people who didn't care for it might want to give it another shot.

I don't know how other writers feel, but the more I write the more I forgive. You see a show that you particular love or hate and you know that so many things have to go right to make something great... but only one or two things need to go wrong to make something boring-- or worse.

Systemaddict said...

Ah, the replenishment will come, most likely when you've stopped focusing for a minute or two- it'll just hit you.

Then again, I've never written TV- so what do I know.