Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What writers wear: A survey

It's the end of August and that means a trip to Mark's so that I can be properly attired when I arrive in Vancouver this weekend for the super top secret plans for Robson Arms Season III. Coming to you in 2008... or not.

So what does a well-dressed writer wear? I have no idea.

Josh Friedman has an hilarious description of his wardrobe, and if it's only half-true it's scary. Scary because it rings so true.

Now me, I'm no Hollywood bigwig screenwriter who can afford your fancy Beverly Hills tracksuit that the high rollers like Mr. Friedman don. Nope. I'm a Mark's Work Wearhouse guy. I got a pair of these nylon skater shorts that older, fatter guys who want to be cool wear. I've worn them so much this year they're transparent. I've gone back to Mark's countless times to find me more of these exact shorts-- no luck. There will be a ritual burning of what's left of them this fall.

I'd turn to the story department of Robson Arms for inspiration but it's mostly girls. Jesse McKeown drops in from time to time with a signature cap or toque hanging at some jaunty angle but after returning from India he's as thin as a PEI phone book so that's no good. The rest of the writing department is either a fitted Ironhead Tee with Lululemon casual pants and a jacket or a homemade knit sweater over a pair of capri jeans and some funky boots.

So... what am I to do? I need a "look" before I head back to the big city. Denis, what are you wearing to your Across the River story meetings in TO? Alex, I'd love to hear what the well-dressed Montreal screenwriter with a box office record breaking film has on as he strolls down St. Laurent. Jane, you of the bright and bold sweaters, can you tell us what Andy and the rest of the boys are wearing as you break one story after another? Diane, you're chatting with a lot of writers... who's wearing what?


Diane Kristine said...

So far, the interviews have all been over the phone, so for all I know they were wearing hot pants and tube tops (sorry, gotta go wash my eyes out with bleach now).

But I think, based on the ones I've ended up meeting in person, you couldn't go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt. Ballcap optional; blindingly white sneakers are not.

wcdixon said...

Since it is still summer...the attire tends to be a white t-shirt, brown shorts, and sandals - yes, even to meetings.

Annie said...

I had the impression that writers just wore bathrobes.


Dave said...

first of all, thanks diane and wc for your insights. i'm heading off to vancouver this weekend and i've got my "travel pants" ready to go. you know what i mean by "travel pants"? these are those elastic waisted montrosities that are so soft and fuzzy and have absolutely no metal anywhere for fast airport security action.

and annie... you totally know that's gonna be an upcoming post, what do the fashionable writers wear while they're writing. there's going to be some interesting and scary revelations.

underwire said...

Reporting live, up against deadline, I'm wearing yoga knickers (not undies but pants that cut off at the knee), a fuzzy sweatshirt, and because i've just poo'd the dog, my fleece jacket (helly hansen, brian mulroney pin, you know the one). Today's writing clothes also functioned as last night's pyjamas. Yes, sigh, the young lad's been banned from the house while the deadline looms. Later, when my shoulder seizes, I'll change into yoga jodhpurs, a witty t-shirt and "gleaming" white runners to circuit train for half an hour. Or I'll nap.

Conveniently, the weather is changing so I'll be able to crack out the funky boots for next week. I'll also have a new pair of homemade knit socks to preview. Yup, the high stakes life of the writer.

Heng dai!

Dave said...


Plus... posting on this subject and the little "are you human" word verification thingy has "WGC" in it.

Be warned. The archons are watching.

Alex Epstein said...

Party clothes: new jeans, biker boots, ribbed mockneck longsleeve. Alain Mikli glasses.

Meetin' clothes: new jeans, new white sneakers, pressed white Oxford button shirt. Same glasses.

Regular (and writin') clothes: jeans, old sneaks, DOG IS MY CO-PILOT t-shirt. Same glasses.