Thursday, October 12, 2006

Your favourite Television Scene

Callaghan has a post asking folks to nominate their favourite scene from a television show.

It didn't take me long to pick mine.

Star Trek: TNG Episode #118.

"Cause and Effect".

The teaser.

The Enterprise is sailing along when out of nowhere comes this ship. They try to turn, to push it away, it's no use. The Enterprise collides with the ship and explodes into a billion pieces.

Holy Shit!


dave s said...

it's funny, but i guess i see tv as a disposable medium. there aren't many tv series i can imagine owning on dvd, unless they had a very limited run. thinking about my favourite tv scene, i couldn't come up with one.

Anonymous said...

Dave knows what a Sorkin groupie I am so it should be no surprise that my favorite TV scene comes from the West Wing Pilot. Josh is asked to make nice to a group of fundamentalist Christians he insulted or he'll lose his job. Toby begs him to play along.In this meeting, one of the fundamentalists makes a refernce to Josh's "New York sense of humour" which Toby takes as an anti-semitc remark. Now Toby has the gloves off and as they are in the midst arguing over what the first commandment is, you hear Martin Sheen's booming voice "I am the Lord thy go. You shall have no other God before me!" There in the doorway is the President. He goes on to throw the fundmentalist out of the White House because they won't denounce a radical Christian Group. They say you should give your characters and entrance and I don't think there has been a better introduction to a charcter than that of President Bartlett in this scene. Hands down, my favorite TV scene.

Tony Sekulich