Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Robson Arms Season II Trailer Online

For those of you who are interested, CTV has updated their Robson Arms page and posted a new trailer with highlights of our second season. At least, I think that's what's on it. They switched over to this Window Media Player thingy a while ago which for which there is no plug-in available for many Mac users like yours truly.

So if you do see the trailer... wouldya tell me how it is?


underwire said...

On Safari, it says "try Firefox". On Firefox, it says the link is off. When I had to catch up on Whistler, I could page source the url then load that directly into Real Player, but these newfangled urls won't work. Hopefully they'll figure out a plug-in for Mac users so we can watch too!

wcdixon said...

Nice cleavage...

Sorry to be so base, but that was what I ended up seeing the most of as it never just kind of stop motion animation jumped along. Not sure why, I've got high speed - is there somewhere else I can try to watch it?

Bit of a memory lane trip as well...Pat McKenna I've worked with, directed Margot Kidder, just met Gabrielle Miller, John Cassini was in a movie I helped recut, April Telek was in The Immortal, Terry David Mulligan interviewed me (I know, who can't say that), some woman from an Outer Limits I did but can't remember her name, David Richmond-Peck in a movie I co-produced, and Corrine Clark casting --- plus I'm sure I've met Gary Harvey and Susan Nielsen but can't remember where from.

That was fun.

Gary said...

Hey David. It's really good. The first time I tried I got the same problems with Firefox. It wanted me to download a plugin then wouldn't download it. It seems to be working now for me as the plugin has downloaded. The trailer is fun. Better than last years IMO. Snappy and inspiring. Makes me want to watch the show...oh wait...n/m.
Hopefully you've seen it by now.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Worked perfectly for me. Loved the teaser/trailer for season two. I really wish I lived at Robson Arms!