Friday, April 20, 2007

Feeding the Writer: April 2007 Edition

Okay so here we go.

Day One: Steamrollers. (Deluxe w/Chicken). A healthy, hearty choice to comfort myself for a week of breaking some story!

Day Two: Shanghai Chinese Bistro (General Tso's Chicken, Handmade Noodle and Dim Sum) The traditional first day lunch spot. The location reminds you of seasons of story-busting past, the exotic flavour lures a new season in new directions)

Day Three: Art Gallery Cafeteria (Portabello Mushroom and Leek Soup, BBQ Chicken Pannini) An old favorite. The short walk from the writers' room brings fresh air to clear the head of the hump-day blues. The place is bustling with people and ideas. It's buckle-down time.

Day Four: Lombardo's (Pizza w/ Prosciutto), Someplace untried. For new perspectives on old favorites... old characters new situations. All India (Chicken Tika, Butter Chicken) A longish walk after a hard day of brain squeezing. It would have been easier to go someplace nearer, we force ourselves. It proves a little extra effort at the end of the day can pay delicious rewards.

Day Five: Azia (Sambal Shrimp, Curry Roti, Kung Pao Chicken), The light at the end of the tunnel. We ditch an old place that none of us really liked but were too polite to say. We find a new place to which everybody is eager to return. Earls (Edamame Beans, and Wonton Encrusted Shrimp with some amazing dipping sauce!!!!) The week is done. There's no talk of beat sheets or act breaks, no plot turns or character arcs. The only stories we talk about are our own. Just beer and wine and Tony Dean Smith and his girly drink.


gdott said...

I'm sorry I missed all the food! Damn!
Did you do any work? Haha

Dave said...

we manage to squeeze in a little work. and you know what? I didn't even get to those fruit and pastry trays that were awaiting us every morning!

i love my life!

TDS said...

Girly drink? Ha! I laugh in the face of girly drinks... right?