Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"I've never shot video in a factory before!"

I noticed they've posted an interview with David Lynch on Amazon. It seems that the director has worked out some special arrangement with them to distribute some of his DVDs including the release of his new video "Inland Empire".

But of particular interest to me was: after the 11 minute long interview (in which he denounces film, and names some of his favourite directors)-- which was followed by a trailer, there were a series of clips of Lynch at work on the set of "Inland Empire".

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Kelly J. Compeau said...

My friend (and potential future co-star of The Black Tower), Peter, co-starred as Laura Dern's husband, Piotrek, in Inland Empire. He said he thoroughly enjoyed the experience, working for Lynch, and considers it a highlight of his career.

I've seen extended trailers and other behind-the-scenes bits with Lynch and the cast on set. And people thought Donny Darko was strange? Inland Empire was shot without a script, and was so incomprehensible that even Laura Dern admitted at Cannes that, to this day, she still has no idea who her character was or what the hell she was doing. She just did what Lynch told her, and trusted that it would all work out.

I'm not a big fan of David Lynch but my friend, Peter, has stuck by me for years, as I've attempted to get my TV show off the ground (he was the very first actor to unofficially sign on), so at the very least I think I should rent the DVD and watch it sometime. I owe him that much.