Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Television Season

Inspired by Denis's musings on the new season I thought I'd get off my ass and take a lazy stand of some of the new shows. I'm trying to enjoy myself while I can, because in a couple weeks when we get back from hiatus there's not gonna be a lot of television time.

Pushing Up Daisies: Off to a bad start. One of the most talked about shows of the new season, haven't seen it. Don't know when it's on. Don't know where it's on. When I think of it I go: So it's 6 feet Under kinda? And everybody else goes: No! Okay. Okay.

K-ville: Watched five minutes. To be honest felt like it was too early in the season. I wasn't ready to commit.

Journeyman: I love Kevin McKidd but this is Quantum Leap written by somebody who watched Life on Mars and liked all the bad parts. Underwire pointed out on DTOS comments what I really bumped on the other night too... WTF with the wife? Her husband disappears on board an effin' PLANE IN FLIGHT and she pretends she's not with him?! WHAT?! And he doesn't say: See! I'm not crazy! And there's this whole dirty feeling that comes with him obviously still hot for his dead wife who is extra-dimensional or whatever and while he's trying to have a kid with his brother's ex-wife. Next.

Life: The second last scene of the opener had that moment that Denis talks about... what the hell is that moment called, Denis? You know the one that makes you go: I'm in. In Life that was the moment you effing knew was coming, that closet of mystery, the big picture he's slowly putting all see people you haven't met yet, and people you've just met that are put into a whole new light... yeah, baby. I'm a little worried about the faux documentary stuff. It's gonna get tiresome if it keeps seeming so scripted. Plus Damian Lewis, who is awesome and his partner who's also good. Green means go, baby.

Dirty Sexy Money
: It's gonna be my guilty pleasure this season. I love Krause, and Sutherland and the Unmarried Woman herself, Jill Clayburgh! The show seems to be taking itself a lot less seriously than the previews indicated. And that's good. It's all the fun stuff that we love to hate rich people for. However-- we all know smokin' hot wives are a hollywood staple, but please, there must be a couple bucks to actually hire somebody's wife (smokin' or not) to give the script a once over just to avoid the constant barrage of cliched husband/wife scenes out there. I'm talking to you too Journeyman! The wife as "supportive but needs to be convinced" gal is done. Ps. That's right, tranny is the new whore.

Bionic Woman: Maybe because my expectations were lowered by all the disappointed talk before the show actually aired, I didn't mind it. I like Jamie, I like Starbuck (and the many other BSG alumi that filled out the cast). Did I miss Oscar Goldman? I mostly liked the special effects. The only thing I worry about is that it's playing like a Femme Nikita meets Alias thing. I want something new. Story, spin or relationship wise. I don't want to see the same stories with a bigger budget. I'm sensing a lot of writers/producers/whoever pitching updated versions of their favorite shows-- they've already been made, folks! I'll watch a couple more episodes.

Intelligence: Not a new show but a great season opener. Season one was a little 'deliberately paced' especially at the beginning. But it's cooking with propane now. I'm loving this show... and nobody I know is watching it. This is great tv, period. I'd be watching it if it was made in Bosnia, yeah?


Kelly J. Compeau said...

I like 'Dirty Sexy Money' so far. Man, what a family!

I like 'Bionic Woman', as well, but I have the same fears as you, Dave. It's kinda like a Nikita/Alias crossover and I'd rather see something new...different.

Another new fave is 'Reaper'. Really, laugh-out-loud funny.

'Pushing Daisies' premiered last night but I have it on tape for the weekend, so I have no idea if it's any good. The premise is interesting, though.


PS: Congrats on the Gemini nom for 'Saultology', Dave. It was one of my favourite eps of this past season. I hope you win!

about jenji said...

Love Pushing Up Daisies.

You check out what I really think about Bionic Woman on my blog if you like...

it's not pretty.

Neat blog by the way.