Thursday, December 13, 2007

Robson Arms available on iTunes

There are no excuses now.

No: "Sorry I missed it"... "My video store doesn't carry it"... "I can't afford a box set"... "I just don't like you, leave me alone."

Season Two of Robson Arms is available through Apple's CanadianiTunes store. Just a $1.99 per episode.

As a bonus you can see the writers'(and producers and directors) credits in the free preview available on the site.



Jim Donato said...

Here's some kudos Dave, from a Lower 48 viewer. My wife and I got Season 1 of Robson Arms from the library where she works. A co-worker recommended it and given that the same person handed us the brilliant Slings + Arrows, we took her recommendation seriously. We fell in love with RA and have recently burned through Season 2 after an agonizing wait for the DVD season. What you and the cast and crew manage to accomplish in a 23 minute time slot is amazing! Characters that change and develop are gratifying to watch and far more compelling than stultifying American TV! I'm not a TV viewer. I stopped watching TV in 1993 and consider my life far richer for it. But I will always have time for Robson Arms! And given the flexibility of the premise, I even want to see you continue with it for as long as you want! I'm confident everyone will rise to the occasion.

Dave said...

hey jim

thanks for the kind words.

it also reminds me what a role libraries are playing in introducing people to new shows. i discovered "The Wire" and some other HBO and BBC shows browsing through the DVD shelves of my local library.