Friday, January 04, 2008

Dave's Top 5 Yes/No Films of 2007

I know that some will find gaping holes in my list. I've missed (or haven't yet seen) what I hear were some great films last year... and some terrible ones too.

Dave's Top Five "Yes" Films 2007

1. No Country For Old Men
2. Death Proof
3. Zodiac
4. Eastern Promises
5. Super Bad

Dave's Top Five "No" Films 2007
(to clarify: the worst that I saw... and granted there were a lot that I didn't see because you know... why put yourself through 'em. However, that's the same argument my parents would use about several of my "Yes" List too.)

1. Into the Wild
2. Stardust
3. Spiderman
4. Shoot'em Up
5. Meet the Robinsons


Callaghan said...

Glad to see someone else disliked Into The Wild as much as I did.

dave s said...

hey dave.

glad to see you back in action. i agree with most of your yays & nays (the ones i've been able to see anyway).

the flicks i liked in '07 were:

3:10 to yuma
black snake moan
eastern promises
grindhouse (theatrical version)
hostel: part ii
knocked up

flicks i didn't care for in '07:

dead silence
harry potter/order of the phoenix
the hills have eyes ii
into the wild
meet the robinsons
rush hour 3

Dave said...

Rush Hour 3... totally i forgot we saw that. Man.

And yeah, Callaghan... Into the Wild was so bad on so many levels. The performance by the main guy, the writing, and the direction. The beatification of idiocy.
Big disappointment.

Callaghan said...

"The beautification of idiocy."

My new favourite quote.

You couldn't be more right.