Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Reviews are In...!

...in a trickling sort of way.

But they've been generally quite positive.
Here's a couple of reasons to tune in to the Sneak Preview of Robson Arms this Tuesday and Wednesday after American Idol.

In addition to asserting that the show could be read "as an extended metaphor" for Canada (and if that doesn't bring in the viewers, what will?) television critic for the Globe and Mail, John Doyle, says:

"The series is a smartly made social comedy, aimed at grown-ups and the better for it"

Brad from the Winnipeg Free Press says:
Over its first two seasons, Robson Arms has quietly established itself as one of the best-written shows on Canadian TV. Filled with a wacky, constantly rotating rabble of characters played by a stellar homegrown cast (which has included the likes of Mark McKinney, Leslie Nielsen, Gabrielle Miller, Fred Ewanuick, Joe Flaherty, Margot Kidder, Shirley Douglas and more), the series has kept its focus squarely on creating small, quirky and completely charming stories that resist the urge to lapse into standard sitcom silliness.

As such, Robson Arms is one of those sneaky-funny shows that prompts out-loud laughter at the most unexpected of moments. And that, of course, is more than half the fun.
So that's pretty good.

Read Oswald's complete review here!

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