Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Robson Arms "Season Three" Sneak Peek After American Idol

Folks will have a "sneak peek" of Robson Arms Season Three, next week after American Idol.

What does a "sneak peek" mean? I don't want to analyze what it REALLY means but the upshot is that CTV will be airing RAIII episodes 1 ("Gila Monster" by Jesse McKeown) and 3 ("Geeks in Love" by yours truly) next week after "American Idol", Tues. Feb 26 at 9:30 and Wed. Feb 27 at 9:30.

I know this is short notice, maybe even extremely short notice, but I'll do my bit. I'll let you know a little bit about the episodes before they hit the air, but for now, ladies and gentlemen, start your PVRs!

Or better yet, call your friends and make an evening of it. Not together in one place... no, each of you at your own television in separate residences.


gdott said...

Hey Jesse gets a plug but not me? Sheesh!

Diane Kristine said...

So out of curiousity, when do all these "sneak peeks" turn into "we're randomly throwing Robson Arms episodes all over the schedule"? Still, pretty good company you're keeping, ratings-wise.