Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The problem of Entourage

So Entourage is over.

Thank God.

The problem with the show is that despite the fact that it is so laughably, horribly written-- I kept tuning in every season. Why?!

The badness was part of it for sure. There was a pleasure I got from yelling at the television and joining the dialogue, turning to Turtle and saying: "Wow, good thing Vince didn't really sell those stocks after you told him to and he said he did or you'd be pretty screwed huh."

Or telling Sloan: "I'm with Vince on this, Eric loves you, Sloan, really he does. And I agree the fact that he slept with your step-mom doesn't matter... I mean, if he did. Which I'm sure he didn't."

Or asking Drama: "Man do you ever wonder what would happen if money didn't just swoop down out of no where and save our asses?"

But darned if I didn't actually like these guys and hope they'd make it. And it pisses me off that I don't know what happened to all the stories lines that I had been following... what about "Goin' Bananas" and the TV movie, the the restaurant?

Wow! It's Doug Ellin... just a sec.

Okay I'm back. That was so crazy. He's a super nice guy and was just reading my blog and he filled me in on all the details about what happened to everybody. It was great to hear and made me feel really good...

PS. Mark Canton's jet is at YVR and did I want to come down to Hollywood and work on his new series!

Hell's yeah... but wait-- what about my pregnant wife and kid-- they can come too?! Huzzah!

So... yeah, I can stop yelling at my television... but I will miss it.

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