Saturday, March 03, 2012

What do writers wear!


That's the question that drives people to this blog. More than any other single question.
I suppose it makes sense.

I'm imagining some creative writing majors in university-- or a lonesome high school kid scratching out poems and wondering-- "Man, I bet Tolstoy didn't walk around the house in his underpants all the time."

But he did. Or whatever the pre-revolutionary Russian version of a tracksuit was.

And if he didn't-- I do. I do all my best (which I'll admit may not be good enough) writing while dressed in a very relaxed fashion. And I recommend you do the same... Unless you're Tom Wolfe.

That's the question I'd like answered-- preferably with a little picture-- what does Mr. Wolfe wear as he sits himself down to work? I'm imagining a lot of neutral-toned cotton and leather slippers.

Hmmm. Isn't there a special edition of the Paris Review where all this has been shared?

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