Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Dark Night of the Soul... or an Early Riser?

I gotta stop this. There's something very "reading someone else's diary" about these statistics. And don't think for a moment I'm not aware of my own narcissism in this whole thing too. This is not about my short-comings. It's about some poor Islander up at 4am Saturday morning with nothing better to do than drop in and read and little "Don't Feed the Writer."

I should totally craigslist-pei this in "missed connections"...

me: self-absorbed blogger with a thing for stats... you: late-to-bedder (or early-to-riser?) looking for something to read... you didn't leave a comment.

in fact...I'm going to post that right now. get the old craigslist-pei going.

But seriously. I'm curious. were you bored? couldn't sleep? stumbling home drunk and wanted to see if I was any funnier when you were loaded? Did you wake up screaming and need to mellow out? Let me know... I'm worried.


J. G. Rodgers said...

Why Mr. Moses, have you considered the possibility that your 4am reader was so spellbound and enraptured by your masterfully written posts that he/she could scarcely summon the will to speak, let alone type a comment?

Sarcasm aside, shobiz-themed blogs seem to attract "eccentric" people who disregard conventional ways of thinking about the world.(e.g. sleeping)

Dave said...
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Dave said...

perhaps, jg, perhaps. but something tells me no. There is a mystery afoot, my dear Rogers!

Or maybe it's just because my latest project is a mystery I'm seeing them everywhere.