Sunday, July 09, 2006

"So when was it on?"

Listen, I know we're all very busy people now-a-days. What with careers, family, DVD box sets and the internet and all. But there's no excuses anymore, people.

It used to be, as a viewer of fine Canadian programming, you had rely on rumour and innuendo, scan the trades, watch the skies, and hope for a sign. When the first season of Robson Arms was aired the scheduling was a little... quirky. There were several email blitzes to family and friends to remind them when the show was on... and which network. Not to mention how many shows are advertised here in the AST provinces at EST hours. Not helpful. The troubles multipled when some episodes were aired a second time last winter.

And like most writers of Canadian Television I am mostly an avid watcher of Canadian Television. But I have to admit that even though I'm a guy with something at stake in the industry I find it hard to keep track of shows. And it's not just one network... Rick Mercer's Monday Report moved to Tuesday. (I know, I know, I'll get over it one day) Alice, I think; is on Fridays on Comedy... but also Sundays on CTV or visa versa. Falcon Beach was on Wednesday and Saturdays on Global... but it was the same episode... and I honestly can't remember when the hell Billable Hours is on. I can see where people could get confused.

Well no longer.

A couple of well-informed bloggers have put together a website about the whens and wheres of Canadian Television Programming. On the site is a list of all canadian shows that are on the air, episode synopses and schedules. You can even sign up to have email alerts of your favourite shows sent to you.

The site is still in it's early days so my long term expectations are being kept in check but I'm sincerely grateful to the people behind it. I hope the industry gets behind this grass roots site... and that it lasts long after the second season of Robson Arms get to air.

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