Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dave's Yes/No Movie Review: Hollywoodland



dave s said...

i'm suprised by your "no" review. i'm interested to hear your thoughts on this flick.

i liked it. flawed, for sure, but one of those rare pseudo-bio pics that actually has a focus. another thing that made an impressionon on me about 'hollywoodland' was that it gave me a connection to an actor (george reeves) who i didn't have an interest in previously.

Dave said...

hey dave.

you know, i liked it too... but in a "meh" kind of way. the performances were good. almost all of them. Ben was great, Diane was great, even Adrian Brody who has a style that chafees me sometimes was good. but it just didn't hold me.

the pace was deliberate and i kept waiting for something to happen. it seemed like a cerebral exercise to me, with all kind of paralelling reeve's story and the story of the man investigating his death. it was like the film-makers didn't really believe these little red-herrings of subplots-- so how could we?

six month ago i might've said, "sure, it's not for everyone, but it's okay go." not anymore. i want something more.

dave s said...

i dig, and i agree that it's good but nothing outstanding, though i did really like dianne lane and ben afleck. it's funny that 'hollywoodland' is being criticised by some critics for being too much like an hbo movie, just a few months after articles were appearing saying that hbo was the place to turn for movies better than current theatrical releases. go figure.