Sunday, April 08, 2007

To Whom it May Concern

And you know who you are...

Taco's Puttin' on the Ritz was originally released in 1991. [UPDATE: or in 1982, and that's the trouble with the internet!] The original Puttin' on the Ritz was written by Irving Berlin (as I believe Rob suggested)

Whatsamatteryou? was released in 1980 by Joe Dolce.

There was something else that was in dispute but I can't remember what.


Dave said...

hey dave.

i think the info about taco's puttin' on the ritz is wrong...i could belive '81, but not '91. other than that. i'm down with the dirt, doggie daddy-o.

btw, i'm still on a 'grindhouse' high.

Dave said...

geez louise, me again... i just checked wikipedia, and it says that taco's puttin' on the ritz was released in '82.