Thursday, April 12, 2007


Jesus... I've been tagged. This has never happened to me before. I feel like the Sally Fields of the internet. Thanks to Callaghan for this honour. Sorry it's been been so long since you tagged me. I had no idea. It's probably my fault he hasn't posted in a month.

The request is for: Five Things you Probably Don't know about me.

1. I'm an award-winning piper. I played the bagpipes from the time I was ten until I was 18. Sadly it was just before the whole Celtic craze thing so all I got were the typical "blowing your pipe" jokes. For those of you who don't understand I will now act it out.

Also: proof of this claim can almost certainly be found at the Ottawa Piping Club where my name is engraved on the trophy for Best Strathsbey and Reel.

2. I own three telescopes. A 12.5" Dobsonian, a 70mm Ranger, and I built my own 8" dobsonian telescope. I've loved astronomy since my folks took the five of us kids out to the Dominion Observatory one cold winter night and we saw Saturn. It blew my mind... I seen Saturn many times since then... it blows my mind every time.

3. Here comes strike three: as I already confessed to Dix, I am a magic nut. Just having written these three things suddenly explains so much I haven't understood for the longest time. I am a genuine-and-not-in-a-cool-way geek. I think Jay Sankey is a genius, I took magic classes from David Acer at Perfect Magic when I was going to the National Theatre School. He was like 15 at the time and was already a great performer.

4. My late aunt Millie had what I think is the most incredible name: Melba Opal Phoebe McKay. Plus everybody called her "Millie"!

5. I wrote my first play in grade one: It was Robin Hood. I directed it. And cast it. I was Robin Hood and Barbie Melson was Maid Marian. It was about how Robin Hood wanted to kiss Maid Marian and then marry her. My friend Ross McKenzie wanted to be in it. He was Friar Tuck. His job was to marry Marian and Robin. My other friend David wanted to be in it. But what part was there left? Robin had to travel through the forest so, I wrote a special role for him... he was Robin Hood's donkey.

Thanks for the tag Callaghan.

I know now that am a wiener.


Kelly J. Compeau said...

I was wondering when you were going to get around to this, Dave. Callaghan tagged us weeks ago. Have you read my Five Things entry yet?

So, you're an award winning bagpiper, eh? I love the bagpipes and I'm a huge fan of Celtic music. Loreena McKennitt? Totally awesome! I'm a skilled mimic and have pretty much nailed Loreena's voice. You and I should go on tour across Canada, Dave.

You're an astronomy nerd, too? I love gazing at the stars and planets through a telescope, marvelling at the wonders of the universe. The constant stream of pictures from the Hubble telescope have me gasping with delight.

Magic?! Now we're talkin'. I used to be a magician/hypnotist/escape artist's right hand man -- er, woman, and would spend hours and hours practicing tricks and stuff with him. Thankfully, I was allowed to forgo the showgirl feathers and sparkly bikini in favour of a black turtleneck and pants on stage. I'm a big fan of Criss Angel. He is so hot!

You wrote your first play in grade one? Dude, I so got you beat. I wrote a ten page play in kindergarten but was forbidden to enlist my schoolmates to act it out in class. Too many monster slayings, tortures and beheadings, apparently. Sheesh! Everyone's a critic.

Y'know, Dave, reading all of this about you, and taking into account your wickedly awesome writing on Robson Arms, I'm beginning to sense a kindred spirit in you.


Halifax TV/Film said...

I think somebody likes somebody! Hee hee.

Anyway, I always wished I could play a musical instrument. Or the bagpipes! Sorry, growing up in Cape Breton where bagpipes were hauled out for everything from my sister's wedding to my uncle's another twenty years I'll consider them nostalgic.

And I wrote my first play in the womb. It was a one man show.

Love the stars. Always interesting that no matter wher I fall down drunk I look up and there they are. as comforting as a wool sweater.

magic? alas, I was unable to avoid the sequined bikini. (oh, and I', a guy, I guess thats the jokey part)

And I thin you're swell but knidred spirit sounds kinda... you know.

The Outsider (formerly The Source)

wcdixon said...

That was entertaining to watching a therapy session unfold before us all.

underwire said...

And he's still writing in the hopes of getting actresses to kiss him. That's the main perk of this gig, brotha. That, and unlimited gummy bears.

Dave said...

well there you go.

KJC, don't worry, that sense of kindred spiritedness would quickly pass upon getting to know me... as my girlfriend, ex-wife or mother would attest.

HTVF, i am cribbing the first joke, i will use it later and claim it as my own.

UW, unlimited Gummy Bears... and Chudder! Plus everybody knows the actresses don't kiss the writers... that's why "State and Main" should be in the fantasy section.

And Dix, thanks for dropping by, plenty of room on the couch.

DMc said...


Seriously. The actress kissing thing?

So totally not worth it.

Go on the patch.

Annie said...

" my GIRLFRIEND, ex-wife or mother would attest."

Girlfriend? There's something NONE of us knew about you.